You can have some piece-of-mind that when you contact the landlord or property manager posted on the Verified Landlord ad, they are actually a trusted customer of ours. Why trust our opinion? Our reputation is very important to us as you may expect. We separate ourselves from classified style rental websites in that we are a premium service. All our ads are screened before they go live to ensure, as best we can, that the content on our partnered sites is high-quality. We only accept data from trusted, vetted sources - the content is supplied and updated by the landlord themselves in real-time. This should help you make a decision about who you rent from as much as what you rent.

What does it mean to be verified?

The Internet is a fantastic way to market your rental property(s) online. There are many benefits over the traditional print type advertising, however there are some negatives that can make doing business on the Internet a bit concerning. In our business, as an Internet Listing Service or ILS, there are several scams & frauds we see somewhat frequently. One is someone posing as a legitimate landlord and posting a great rental that is too good to be true. It is typically an ad made up of great photos (usually stolen from another online ad) and a no-brainer rent price. In a competitive rental market, these can be too juicy to pass up. These fake landlords can collect many security deposits from many tenants and even the first month's rent and more.

So again, what is a Verified Landlord? These are trusted landlords that have been with us for some time and we trust they are actually bona fide landlords. Since 1998 when we started in the online rental business, we have garnered thousands of great landlords posting great rental properties on our network (over 250 and growing) of rental portals in the US, Canada and the Caribbean whom have posted an ad, paid us, called and emailed us and we have never had a complaint or suspect they aren't who they say they are. We are not claiming they are nice or great landlords. We are only claiming that, to the best of our knowledge and based on the information we have, they are a real landlord with at least one real rental property.

Like they say, "It's who you know..."! Do we know you? Are you a regular customer? Can our partners vouch for you? Have you posted with us before, paid us (usually helps to prove you aren't a fraudster), called our customer service department and know our staff etc? There is no one thing but if you feel you are a trusted landlord or property manager then let us know, it's free!

You have worked hard to be a good landlord and in todays world, you should have something that acknowledges that.